Model railroading

Welcome to the Exciting World Of Model Railroading

Below I have listed the different sizes & gauges of model  railroading, I will be adding to this page soon. After all We all know

 ” Model Railroading America’s number one hobby “

  • G Scale

Gauge One also most often referred to as Garden Railroading, I have several of these Train sets and rolling Stock for sell

  • O Scale

The Original O scale was almost the size of the G scale, I have some Lionel & Williams in stock at the Depot.

  • On30 Scale

This is an exciting new scale, well not new been around for a bit.  This is My new size model railroading, I belong to the Texas Outlaws On30 Yahoo group.  This Gauge is a O scale or 1:48 size, the beauty of this is a larger, easier size to model in, but runs on HO gauge track.

  • HO Scale

The gauge is know as Half O almost exactly, twice as small as O Scale, it is the most popular gauge in model railroading.

  • N Scale

Now N Scale is again smaller by Half size of HO.

  • Z Scale

Now Z Scale is again smaller by Half size of N Scale.

I have all the above scales available, I’ll be working on this page as I get the Time & learn how to drive this editor.