Greenville Hobby Status Oct 8, 2016

Good morning Sixty Six years ago, on this day, I arrived on this planet. I have had a very good life, I’m a Jack of all trades master of none so to speak. The biggest thing I enjoy is Model Railroading, Last weekend the Texas Outlaws On30 group, set up a grand layout at the Plano Center, in Plano Texas. A fellow friend and Customer, Max & I had the whole side of the layout as the premier side that people saw first. Our modules covered about fifteen feet. We had some operational problems, power dropping out on tracks ( Five in our Small Engine service facility) but the most looked at was the Jefferson module. I made a Swamp scene, which included Animated alligators, people were sure surprised when they moved … Today I’m going to the Double SS ranch in Diana, Texas for a Family Reunion, I wish I could attend the Fiddle festival downtown today … just I think Family comes first. I’ll try to pop in later today ….