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About Greenville Hobby Depot

I started Greenville Hobby Depot on July 1, 2009, the first location was in the Historic Katy Depot. That was a great place, to have a Hobby Shop.  Now it’s August 2017, although I have had to move to several locations, and once again We have to relocate.  I’m proud to say ” I’m still considered the “Best Little Hobby Shop In Texas ” .  I believe in customer service, and I will do my best to make sure your happy with your purchase.  Over the years I have acquired many suppliers, it would be easier to tell you what I don’t have available from my suppliers.

I had to move from the old Depot, to a Antique Mall. I enjoyed being there, except in the summer. It was so hot I was handing my customers paper towels to wipe their faces. The antique Mall closed in 2011. I now have my shop located in the old Perkins Building in the:  Uptown Forum Shops, at 2610 Lee St.  Greenville, Texas.  I have been given the bad news, the new owner of the Forum, is increasing the rent, so Once again I’ll have to move.

The future of Greenville Hobby Is in Your hands.  I  plan to move to my land close to my house, and establish a bigger shop.   I’m going to build a model railroad layout at this shop. It will be a Twelve by Six,  The model railroad layout will start with a O scale track at the bottom & move up through the different scales getting progressively smaller.

I specialize in Model Railroading, but also have RC available, this includes: Land, Air & Sea. That’s right cars, trucks, aircraft, Drones, Helicopters, boats & Tanks, these new RC models, will be in my new on-line shop.

The on-line store, is in the works, now I will have time on my hands.  I plan to offer Modeling clinics & painting classes soon.  I’m packing the old location up, you can still come by and purchase some great deals. I plan to be out of my current spot, at the end of august.  the new place has room to race R/C Cars and a Tank battle field. plenty of room for Drone flight, I’ll just have to get all built, may take awhile.

Listen I have dealt with the other places, they don’t have the hobby knowledge that I have acquired   over the years. I’m here to serve you in this new on line world of, “I must have it now,  I don’t have the space that would take, to stock everything.

I’ll prove to you that I can compete with the online world.  Most of what you Special order from me, comes to my shop in a week or less.   Always remember at Greenville Hobby the Customer comes first, I pay the shipping on special orders.  I am very Knowledgeable in the Hobby Business.  You will leave with a smile and receive service with a smile.

The new address will be 5954 S. Hwy 34 greenville Texas