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About Me

I started off as a child, loving model building & making model railroads. As I grew up, I discovered the local hobby shop.  We saved our allowance to buy model cars, miniature tanks or a wooden airplane kits to build.

As I grew up life got in the way, and today it seems that there isn’t any time for sitting down & relaxing with a hobby. Maybe we just move too fast and do too much these days.  I was running a Antique store, and the model kits & model trains, were coming into my inventory.  I was selling them on eBay, a friend said why don’t you come down to the 118 year old Greenville  Katy Depot.

This magnificent building was my downfall, not only was there a model train store, it also housed a Railroad Museum. I worked there until it closed. Well by then I was Hooked, plus being on-line I discovered model building forums. The models I built as a child, were mediocre, at best, the new stuff coming out was lots better. Plus with all the aftermarket details that were available, I saw that you could really excel in your building.

About Greenville Hobby Depot

I started Greenville Hobby Depot on July 1, 2009 it is now almost 2017, and although I have had to move from several locations.  I’m proud to say ” I’m still considered the “Best Little Hobby Shop In Texas ” .  I believe in customer service, and I will do my best to make sure your happy with your purchase. Over the years I have acquired many suppliers, it would be easier to tell you what I don’t have available from my suppliers.   I have had to move from the old Depot, and I now have my shop located in the old Perkins Building in the:  Uptown Forum Shops at 2610 Lee St.  Greenville, Texas